mb-reconMichał Bojanowski (principal investigator) – sociologist and assistant professor at Department of Quantitative Methods & Information Technology at the Kozminski University (previously at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw). His main research interests are conflict and cooperation and their understanding using theories and methods of game theory and social network analysis. He published on modeling co-evolution of behavior and networks, measurement of segregation in social networks, and formation of inter-firm alliances in journals such as Social Networks or Journal of Mathematical Sociology. His other interests include mathematical sociology, social network analysis, data analysis, computational modeling, and statistical computing.


Dominika Czerniawska –  graduated from sociology and history of art at University of Warsaw. Since 2010 she have been working in ICM, University of Warsaw, where she has been engaged in several research projects concerning mainly research about transformation of Polish scholarly community as well as the impact of ICT on social and economic life. She is also a Ph.D. candidate at The Robert T. Zajonc Institute for Social Studies, University of Warsaw. Her doctorate thesis, supervised by Prof. Mirosława Marody focuses on changes in Polish scholarly community during the last 25 years and its relations with institutional systems like government agencies, market and industry.

Zdjęcie0094Wojciech Fenrich – graduated from sociology and philosophy at the University of Warsaw. Currently works as an analyst in the Interdisciplinarcy Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw. His sociological imagination leads him towards topics such as social aspects of scientific publishing and open science.  In the past, he collaborated i.a. with the Institute of Public Affairs, the Modern Poland Foundation, UPC Poland and Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Recently coordinated and co-translated Polish edition of “Open Access” by Peter Suber.

Tadeusz Krauze – Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Hofstra University. His research interests include social theory, quantitative methodology, mathematical sociology, and meritocratic social structures. He has published numerous articles on topics such as (dynamics of) social stratification and social mobility, as well as sociology of science e.g. cumulative advantage phenomenon. His works appeared in respected journals such as American Sociological Review, Sociological Methods & Research, or Social Studies of Science.

bchrol_fotoBartosz Chroł – graduated from quantitative methods in economics at the warsaw School of Economics, where, as a part of RECON project, wrote the master thesis about link prediction in scientific collaboration network (poster). He graduated also from the University of Warsaw with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He’s interested in data science, social network modelling and statistics, R enthusiast.